Let us share our wealth of knowledge!

With our professional staff, we know that we can provide the best level of customer service; which is why when you require any specialist advice, you can rely on our team here at SpaChem Limited. Everyone in the team has a great amount of knowledge in terms of spas and hot tubs, including our Managing Director, who has been within the hospitality & leisure industry for over 20 years. In conjunction with this experience, he has managed over 580 hot tubs – immediately making his experience paramount. As well that, he has special expertise in spa & hot tub management, spa & pool chemicals, legionella and spa procedures. Our team here thrive when working with him, and gain a great amount of knowledge every single day.


We offer a unique consultancy service – we’re not just another spa & hot tub chemical retailer on the web (which in itself is also rare) but we are a hot tub & spa retailer and consultancy team. We enjoy meeting new people and we most of all enjoy providing a reliable service that can be trusted by anyone. Whether you’re having any specific difficulties with your pool, hot tub or spa, you can freely give us a call for advice, and we would be more than happy to come to you to deal with the problem head on.  


To find out more about our spa & hot tub consultancy service, visit our specialist consultancy site Total Chemical Solutions. Here you can find out more and begin an exciting and rewarding journey with us.

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